Less room for gossip

Government Senator, Reverend David Durant, believes that the Prevention of Corruption Act would dispel many of the rumours currently surrounding political personalities.

Durant expressed this view yesterday afternoon while speaking on the act in the Senate.

He noted that Barbados was a society of gossip therefore the enactment of the Prevention of Corruption Act was a plus for the country.

He recalled that the island’s youth were often told who were honest or dishonest in public life, adding that the standard of public life was not as bad as that in some of the other countries of the region.

Durant called on the island’s intellectuals to “come forward and offer” their skills to national development.

“Do not be afraid,” he said. “In some places the Act may have gone too far. It is not a perfect piece of legislation.”

The cleric said that even though senators received a mere pittance for their service, they performed their duties with diligence, noting that those who serve in both Chambers looked forward to leaving a bright legacy for future Barbadians.

Durant said that based on a recent seminar he conducted, he was satisfied that all “young people were not lost”. He stressed that Barbados was still a Christian nation and he sought to emphasise this aspect of Barbadian life by presenting a Bible to each of the 320 persons who were recently granted citizenship.

Durant expressed concern that some individuals were trying to take God out of the country and Christ out of Christmas. He argued that people were not wishing you Merry Christmas, but instead greeting you with: “Happy holidays!”.

He said the builders of Barbados provided a firm foundation for the country based on a strong belief in God, adding that the Act may have to be fine-tuned since it asked for a full disclosure of the assets of wives and children of political figures and bureaucrats.

Durant expressed the hope that the act would not discourage worthy Barbadians from serving their nation. (NC)

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