Jobs beyond Barbados

Look beyond Barbados for a job market.

That was the advice of retiring teacher, Anthony Trotman to students at the Princess Margaret Secondary School today.

Advising the pupils that they will not get far in today’s world without an education, Trotman admonished the students to look to the Caribbean and further afield for careers.

“Be diligent in your studies. You will not progress very far without education of some sort. More and more the emphasis is being placed on education. I remember when the Polytechnic was primarily for children who left school in third form; today you are being asked to have three or more subjects to enter some of the more prestigious Polytechnic programmes, that is how far we have progressed,” he stated.

As a youth, Trotman said he was probably among the third batch of students to benefit from free secondary education and by then jobs were already hard to find.

Back then students were earning as much as five or seven GCEs,” said the teacher of 38 years, which started to create challenges for those with just one or two certificates.

“As you look around today you recognise that even with a first degree some people are having problems finding a good job. Perhaps they need to look outside Barbados.

“The CARICOM region has now become your playground. There is an influx of people into Barbados and the time has come for some of us to look beyond the shores of Barbados and not necessarily North America and Europe for employment, for the opportunity to earn a living and perhaps to raise families. Get your education, get your qualifications,” he advised.

He told them that beyond education, good attitudes and good manners could also help to open doors for them, and could as well serve them when others were being laid off.

Every student had a talent that could be put to use, regardless of what it was, said Trotman. (LB)

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