Skilled students


Princess Margaret Secondary School is known for its excellence in Industrial and Fine Arts.

On Friday, during the Six Road’s, St. Philip’s school Speech Day and Prize Giving Ceremony, guests got to see, and in some cases touch, the work produced by the students displayed.

There were jewellery boxes, batiks, bags, mirrors, drawings, wooden lamps and other pieces of wooden items, as well as food and essays students wrote.

During his report on the academic year 2011-2012, Acting Principal Wayne Willock spoke about the tours the students did as well as the “major development” within the department which has seen teachers gaining tremendous experience in the training programmes offered by the TVET Council.

What he also noted was there was still a need in the department.

“[It] suffers from a lack of computers to drive the Autotronics programme. Without these in place, we cannot do he link up we need with the vehicle’s computer system which we have in place donated for that specific purpose. Not just the computer, I mean we have an entire car,” he said. (DS)

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