Schools with moves!

The winning Combermere Squad.

An impressive Lodge School Drill Squad lost out to Combermere at the recent Latin Dance, Cheerleading and Drill Squads Competition.

Out the gates first and led by drill captain Christine Fiddler, the only female head in the competition, the Lodge School squad impressed with their precision and had the audience on the edge of their seats.

In both the standard drill and later the creative drills, the Lodge certainly set the bar high for any team that would follow. In the creative drills, the inclusion of “guns” and the incorporation of Coffin Day into the display was greatly appreciated by the audience.

While the standard drill seemed executed almost flawlessly, there were a few minor glitches in the creative routine that might have cost them a few point.

This perhaps is where the Combermerians capitalised. Dressed in long black pants, suspenders and white shirts, their standard drill, which test the use of space and coordination among other areas was equally impressive, though a few errors were evident. Their creative drill though, where the teams incorporated music and other rhythmic moves into the routines, was simpler than Lodge’s although that too seemed to have had a few mistakes.

It was clear that much work went in to both routines by all the schools, as the Ellerslie School squad, in brown waistcoasts and yellow pants with feathered headgear.

The squad clearly enjoyed their routine and even incorporated some elements of the now famous “Gangnam style” into their creative drill, much to the delight of the audience and their fellow cheerleadering screaming on the sidelines.

It would probably have been a little disappointing for the newly named Graydon Sealy Secondary not to have placed, since they were the 2011 champs of the competition. Dressed in khaki they put up a strong fight. It was just that the other squad managed to outclass them on the night. (LB)

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