It is time to act!

Just consider this: If it weren’t for the courage and determination of the teachers of the BSTU, the victimisation, the bullying, the mismanagement, the unorthodox hiring practices, the broadcast “inaccuracies”, the manipulation would never have been revealed.

A debt of gratitude is owed these teachers.

Yet, as with most who challenge what is wrong and stand up against it, the teachers have been vilified and crucified! As one commentator observed, society may admire its dead rebels but it loves and embraces its living conformists! The fight must now be taken to the powers-that-be who remain spinelessly silent.

Also, I cannot agree [with your Editorial] that the commission of Enquiry is useless. What particular metric have you devised and employed to establish this as the fact you present it to be?

My firm belief is that those who promote this are those who, ostrich like, do not wish to accept the commission’s findings. Yet, they bring no evidence at all to support their claims, which must therefore be considered specious. At the very least the findings must make one very aware of precisely what problems – “issues”, if you prefer – do indeed exist at the school. They are undeniable!

The commission was an independent one, was it not? It was constitutionally established, was it not? It was headed by an eminent retired Supreme Court judge of impeccable integrity, was it not? I didn’t hear any objections to Justice Waterman before the commission began!

So, if we accept all the above, why has there been no outrage that Broomes still remains as principal? It’s alarming really! And unacceptable. It is indeed “TIME TO ACT!”

– Lionel James

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