Giving praise

Praise Academy of Dance members perform.

by Hallam Hope

There was a divine presence at Combermere School on Monday as the curtain came down on the public judging for the finals of Community Dance Fest.

The Christian atmosphere came in the form of Praise Academy of Dance in the adults and children’s categories and the guest performance of Wacky Wayne, missing circus-like stunts and Christian ministry.

There was comedy, including the humorous Sharkey singing about Crop-Over and two bouncy songs from the very talented Sammy G.

Praise Academy of Dance – New Era sent the audience wild with a seasoned performance in the adults division that portrayed Christian values. Their choreography skilfully combined humour with entertaining dance movements.

In the children’s category Praise Academy of Dance – Promise produced one of the better choreographed pieces of the evening and seem more than likely to be heading to Kensington Oval on New Year’s Day for the finals of this national community programme.

Community Dance Fest has been financed principally by the Community Development Department and is currently in its seventh year.

Demolition Squad came to “cast out demons” while Higher Level Empire were also fabulous with an energetic mix of calypso, salsa, African dance and Landship mixed with passa passa.

The Higher Level story themes included pre- and post-Independence representations and a tribute to the nation. Wacky Wayne mixed solemn praise with belly-wrenching dance moves and unicycle theatrics. His presentation included the distribution of balloons to the children and odd adult.

Reports are that defending adults champions Xtra Hype, who could not perform due to injury and Praise Academy of Dance – Destiny, a children’s group, will be judged later this week and the finalists announced at a subsequent date.

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