Crap for Christmas

poor quality of music being produced for the season

by Jeff Shepherd

I have been very disappointed to hear the music that our Caribbean folks produced for this Christmas season. My first reaction tells me that most of the writers and singers do not have a clear understanding of why we celebrate this season and really do not know anything of Christ’s birth.

To make it worse, DJs and radio personnel also get into the act by playing the junk and really bad lyrics. Apart from playing this music, they also make fools of themselves by making some foolish comments which also tell me that these announcers do not know the reason for the season and are not trying to learn or understand.

Too many people today never went to church or Sunday School so you can hear the lack of knowledge of the Bible, and all they need to do is a little research on Christ’s birth. For a start they can read the Book of Luke.

When, as an announcer, you have to work on an interview of some sportsman, TV personality or actor, you do your research on them. Why can’t they do the research on Jesus’ birth as well.

The other thing is that no music should be played on air unless those who are responsible really understand what the person is singing — bad music makes your shift poor. You should not play music because it is in the system. The fact is that most DJs do not listen to the music to make a determination as to whether a particular song is good for their listeners.

Well known singers sing a lot of junk, words that do not make any sense. They sing out of key, take nice old carols and put other words to them and destroy the song or hymn. The traditional Christmas carols should live on. As musicians you must be aware of standards. There is nothing wrong with changing carols to dub, calypso, reggae, spouge and any other Caribbean beat, but the words must make scriptural and Gospel sense.

Musicians are making “laughing sport” of the Gospel and church but do not realise what they are doing to themselves.

I hold you all, as radio announcers, very responsible for the playing of the bad sounding remakes of Christmas carols and hymns with incorrect lines and words that sometimes toss the real meaning of Christmas out the window. Read your Bibles or attend church to learn the Christmas story.

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