Bridging the gap

Cuthbert Moore Primary School student, Chrishontee Elcock, cuts the ribbon at the southern end of the bridge.

Students attending the Cuthbert Moore Primary School and the elderly who live at Roach Village, St. George, no longer have to walk through the 10-metre deep Tally Gully at Belair to reach their destinations at St. Helens, St. George.

That’s because earlier today Minister of Transport and Works, John Boyce, officially opened a 40-metre bridge spanning the gully.

Boyce gave residents of Roach Village and Belair the assurance that the construction of the bridge was “all about them”.

He expressed concern that students and residents of the two districts were forced to travel through the deep gully to school or work. Boyce told his audience that the bridge, which was designed by engineer, Sascha Oslo, of the Ministry of Transport and Works, was constructed by Innotech Services Ltd. at a cost of $370,000.

These pedestrians were some of the early persons who walked over the newly constructed bridge at Belair, St. George.

The Christ Church South MP said a protective cage would be constructed to protect pedestrians using the bridge. He added that lights are also be installed.

The minister pointed out that the construction of the bridge was part of his government’s policy to enhance safety measures around schools. Boyce argued that with the construction of the bridge, the economic activity between the two districts could be increased.

He noted that of the $142 million voted for the Ministry of Transport and Works, $1 million was allocated to the improvement of tenantries, $1.4 million for bridge repairs and $2.4 million for improvement of the Scotland District.

Addressing the issue of road safety, he noted that the Insurance Corporation of Barbados Ltd and the umbrella organisation, the General Insurance Association of Barbados, had contributed to improving the situation.

Boyce called on the residents of the two districts to take care of the bridge. (NC)

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  1. allbaj December 13, 2012 at 11:44 am

    Where is the picture of the bridge for heaven’s sake ??????

  2. bteditor December 13, 2012 at 8:24 pm

    Sorry about that, here is a look at the bridge.


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