Thompson: BLP’s polyclinic ploy

Mara Thompson (File photo)

The former Barbados Labour Party Administration refused to finished the St. John Polyclinic because it was “fighting one man”.

That’s the view of St. John MP Mara Thompson, who was alluding to the BLP’s opposition to her late husband, former Prime Minister David Thompson.

Speaking on a supplementary resolution in the House of Assembly today, including $3.7 million to finish work at the multi-purpose facility which will house the polyclinic, Thompson said:

“I feel passionate about this. It sat there for so many years under bush… [while] the Government of the day chose to do nothing about it. They really should come up and take a visit as I did three and a half weeks ago and see what they should and could have done for the people of St. John and surrounding areas.

“But I suppose for them it was not about the people of St. John nor the surrounding areas; it was fighting one man and to this day they are still fighting this man although he has long gone and left us,” she asserted.

The MP said while the project was marginally over budget, the people of the eastern section of the island “will be immensely relieved and pleased” when it was completed and opened.

“St. John, it is almost here. The DLP promised that this would be built, you no longer have to operate out of the cramped out patience clinic at Gall Hill, which floods whenever two drops of rain falls. You no longer have to go to the Glebe in St. Goerge or to Six Roads in St. Philip – St. John has its own Glebe polyclinic,” she said.

The government back-bencher also said her constituents, like other Barbadians, would be happy with improvements at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

“In the last four and a half years the quality of the health care at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital has seen dramatic improvement, especially in the Accident & Emergency Department. People are not spending four and five days in the A&E Department. Even though there is a shortage of beds, we are still not seeing patients in the hallways on gurneys as obtained in the past,” she said. (SC)

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