The world according to Broomes

I have come to the conclusion that the principal of the Alexandra School operates in a universe of his own delusion.

There is simply no other explanation for the statement attributed to him as he gave his address at the Alexandra School’s Awards Ceremony on Friday, December 7, 2012.

Unbelievably, he can speak about “missteps”. “Missteps?” Come one, truly, this is taking euphemism to depths never before experienced! The word “missteps” connotes some small blunder or some minor misjudgement of little consequence.

This man is completely off base! There is absolutely no way on God’s earth that what is contained in the findings of Commission of Enquiry can be so off-handedly dismissed by the principal — or anyone else, for that matter — as small blunders or any minor misjudgement of little consequence. Words define thoughts. And the principal’s deliberate choice of the word “misstep” is something that should not go unnoticed. Or uncontested.

I am very aware that the powerful propaganda network masterminded and manipulated by the principal has spawned some very rabid supporters who just cannot tolerate any criticism of the man. But I would simply ask which, if any, of the following can be considered as simple “missteps”:

1. The Principal discriminated and victimized certain teachers;

2. He mismanaged the school and indulged in untenable managerial behaviour;

3. He was unwilling to deal with disciplinary matters in the school;

4. He indulged in bullying and workplace abuse;

5. He manipulates the students;

6. He engages in demeaning and belittling behaviour towards the teachers in the sight and hearing of students;

7. He creates divisions amongst the staff.

Believe it or not, these are all taken verbatim from the findings of the Commission of Enquiry!

Yet Jeff Broomes remains, day after day, on the campus of the school.

What are we to think?

Was the Commission of Enquiry purely a high-class farce, wasting over $600,000 of taxpayers’ money in these harsh economic times?

Was the Commission of Enquiry only an extravagant gesture in an attempt to mislead us that, at last, finally, some sleeping giant had now awoken and that “action” was being taken?

Was it a mere showpiece circus meant purely to delay any kind of decision by the Freundel Stuart Administration?

Are its findings just the babblings of an out-of-touch man, not to be taken seriously?

I readily admit that I am at a loss to understand the continued inaction, the abject “do-nothingness” of the current Administration in relation to this matter. I wholeheartedly agree that this state of affairs is “unacceptable”. Frankly, it borders on the outrageous.

— Godfrey Bynoe

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