Pregnant teen crushed to death

Police officers along with BTC, BEC and Cable Bahamas workers on the scene Friday night after a garbage truck crashed into a Wilson Tract home, killing a young pregnant teen identified as Waydenia Clarke, 17.

NASSAU — A pregnant teen was crushed by a garbage truck when it slammed into a home on Wilson Tract, according to police.

Grieving family members identified the dead girl as Waydenia Clarke, 17.

They said she was three months pregnant.

The truck, which was collecting garbage in the area, ran over two utility poles and a vehicle before running into the home, police said.

As police investigate the accident, Clarke’s family is questioning whether more could have been done to save her life. Clarke’s aunt Roseanne Estenol said she was trapped beneath the rubble for eight hours before her body was removed.

“The accident happened about [10 p.m.],” she said. “They moved Waydenia about 4:30 in the morning.

“Even if she might have been alive, we wouldn’t know because she [was] under there for hours, and hours and hours and hours and they didn’t even tell us [anything].”

Difficult to reach victim

Officer-in-Charge of the Traffic Division Superintendent Ken Strachan said it was difficult to reach Clarke.

“It took extensive amounts of resources to recover the individual from the refuge,” he said. “It took almost eight hours of hard work.”

Workers from the Bahamas Electricity Corporation, Bahamas Telecommunications Company and Cable Bahamas assisted in the effort, Strachan said.

Clarke’s mother Lona Joseph said she did not hear that her daughter was trapped until about an hour after the accident.

Police officers comforted the family at the scene.

Clarke was reportedly sleeping in her boyfriend’s bedroom when the accident happened.

Her family said she usually spent time at his house at night while he was at work. (Nassau Guardian)

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