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It is important that parents play a more active role in the development of their children and not leave it up to teachers to monitor them and be their parents.

This was the advice of Director of the National Task Force on Crime Prevention, Cheryl Willoughby, this morning at the presentation ceremony for participants in NTFCP’s sixth annual Primary and Secondary Schools Art Competition, at the Courtyard by Marriott in Hastings.

The theme for this year was “Reducing Crime in our Schools and Communities”, and there were 215 entries from 15 primary and secondary schools. The main aim was to involve youth in crime prevention at an early age so that as they developed they would understand more about it.

But Willoughby told the parents present it was also their duty to educate their children about crime and monitor what they were doing, particularly on social media, to guard them against any potential criminals.

“I speak not only as the head of this organisation but I speak as a parent as well… I recognise the importance of parents being there for their children. It is important that we recognise we have a role to play in protecting our children from the outside influences. I have taken it upon myself to make sure that I know quite a bit about the Internet and social media.

“I am not happy, I am not impressed with the number of young children who have Facebook accounts. Parents, you need to monitor what is going on with your children on Facebook. I see children posting things on Facebook that should not be on Facebook.

“It is important that we also be the best example that we can be for them. We cannot let the calypsonians, dub artistes, and all the other people be the ones that set the example or tone for our children. We have to be the example for them in our dress, in our demeanour and the way we interact with other people… It is important that you play an active role in what is going on within your children’s schools as well as your church. It is important that when they bring home projects and activities that you be there to ensure that they give of their best at all times,” she encouraged. (KC)†

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