Online judgements soon a reality

Chief Justice Sir Marston Gibson being escorted into a meeting room at the High Court today to pep talk Lester Vaughan students on self esteem

Plans to post local High Court decision on the world wide web, are closer to implementation.

An expert flew in from London earlier today to help the judiciary speed up the process.

Chief Justice Sir Marston Gibson made the announcement this morning, while giving a pep talk on self esteem to a specially selected group of students from the Lester Vaughan School, as part of a project coordinated by the Commission for Pan African Affairs.

Sir Marstson told the students, who were accompanied by teachers and guidance counsellors, that the expert would be meeting with him, the librarian and the systems administrator, with respect to furthering the process towards having court decisions on line

He noted that other islands in the Caribbean had the system in place and that Barbados needed to do the same.

“We have a lot of technology, but we have not been able to marry that technology with what we do on a daily basis,” he added.

The chief justice suggested that the judiciary had to make sure it was able to utilise the technology so that the people who invested the money to provide it would know it was not in vain. He also disclosed plans to introduce a new measure that would address the shortage of staff in the court with the aim of increasing productivity.

The judiciary head said he was discussing the idea of using officers from one department which was “a little slow” in another that was “never slow”. Doing this, he pointed out, would avoid the administration having to spend money to hire new staff.

Meanwhile, he urged the students to dream large, to set goals for their dreams, but to always be prepared to adjust those goals. Always have a plan “B” in mind, he added. (EJ)†††

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