Fun for Learning Centre

A Clear Message was the theme of the Learning Centre end of term concert.

It was the highlight of the school term for the students of the Learning Centre when they hosted their annual concert last weekend.

Teacher Kristal Hutson told Barbados TODAY that they would usually spend the school term preparing the children for the event, slotting times in so they could rehearse.

“They would rehearse all term for the different talents and then we would allot them time to practise their pieces and as we got closer and closer to the concert they would practise more often and such,” she said.

Regardless of their abilities, Hutson said the entire student body of about 84 children and young adults took part in the concert, in drama, dance, song, sign language, puppetry or any other skills they had.

“It is definitely the highlight of the term for our students,” she said. (LB)

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  1. Peggy Zabriskie September 30, 2017 at 2:25 pm

    Am looking to find a school for an 8 year old boy who probably has ADHD but is very intelligent, decidedly creative, actively inquisitive, and most affectionate. Parents do not have a lot of money so must find something affordable. Please advise if you (or anyone you know) offers this type of educational facility/programme.


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