Crying need for proper health care in St. Joseph

The people of St. Joseph need proper health care too.

A disappointed Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Dale Marshall, who represents that constituency, made a plea today for assistance for his constituents.

He said Government appeared to have a “single minded approach” to the St. John Polyclinic, while neglecting other areas, especially in rural Barbados.

He was speaking on a supplementary resolution, which included an additional $3.7 million to complete work at the facility housing the polyclinic in St. John.

“The irony … is that as I stand here speaking … the clinic in Horse Hill, which services St. Joseph has a water outage, and the information I am receiving is that the clinic therefore either has had to be closed for the day or is about to be closed for the day, simply because they cannot do the medical procedures that are required,” he said.

But the MP said regardless of the water outage, “what we have in my constituency serving thousands of my elderly, in my respectful submission, does not meet the standard that Barbados should hold out as the standard that we want for our health care institutions today”.

“So we can be celebrating the many millions that are being spent in St. John while some miles away in st. Joseph there is a crying need that now has been exacerbated through recent events,” he stated.

“I know that the Barbados Labour Party remains committed to providing at Tamarind Hall a … new polyclinic and a new dispensary. The plans have been designed and so on and the fact of the matter is that we have to take steps to ensure that we upgrade all of our polyclinics where necessary.”

The BLP representative said while it was true that both his party and the ruling Democratic Labour Party supported decentralised health care services the DLP Government needed to do more.

“Other clinics have to be upgraded and I don’t imagine that the Government has any serious interest in what goes on in rural Barbados, but … the situation with the clinic at Horse Hill is to be regretted, it is to be regretted today especially because people, as I speak to you, are being turned away and cannot be attended by any doctor…,” he stated.

“And I would love if the minister could come back with a supplementary to solve that problem in a very simple way, a water tank. Providing a water tank there of maybe a thousand gallons may solve the problem.”

“While there is this single minded approach to the St. John Polyclinic, and more power to the people in St. John, there are other medical facilities across Barbados that would require attention and we hope that in the little time that this Administration has left that they will devote a few of their dollars to those constituencies,” Marshall added. (SC)

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