No right to abuse

I’ve just finished reading the very sad stories in the Barbados Today dated December 6, 2012, on page 8 titled Fear for life; and then to add insult to injury the back page story HELP US.

Honestly I don’t think that this situation with abuse is taken seriously enough.

To have someone hold you prisoner out of fear is not only unkind, but sad.

I do understand what that lady has gone through, and now have to live in fear that she might have to protect herself from this man who has served his time in prison. In the event that she has to protect herself from this man through the same fear that he has place in her life, will she too be sent to prison for protecting herself?

Even when she’s trying to educate other women about this situation that so many women are living in,, some seem to point fingers at her for not knowing. Most women don’t only get into relationships out of love. Many get into relationships out of need. When a man comes on to a woman for the first time, he’s the sweetest thing this side of heaven.

When he has accomplished what he has set his mind to, some changes are then made in his mind to protect his investment. This woman becomes something to own. She’s no longer looked at as a person, but she becomes a possession. She has to do as she’s told without question.

But the only way he feels that he can get his point across is through abuse – physical and mental abuse. She’s made to feel that without this man she will not survive. Threats to do her serious harm are part of the plan that he will carry out to gain control.

When a young woman is told by her mother that as long as her man takes care of his responsibilities at home that’s the most important thing, that’s wrong. Yes, this has been told to quite a number of women, and many do believe that to be the truth. But when they start to get tired of being treated as less than a normal woman should be treated, this is when things starts to change.

But some women, when they go to others in hope of a solution to the problem are told that he might not be the worst, and he does take care of his child, or children and keep a roof over her head.

It is truly depressing that any human should be treated as a possession, and that if you don’t comply by your man’s wishes, then you have to accept the consequences. Some women even makes excuses – that it was their fault that cause the man to beat and abuse them.

No man or woman has the rights to abuse, or harm one another if they are unable to get along.

It time for some serious change to how we treat each other. — Charles Cadogan

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