For you, Sir

Teacher, Ian Webster’s mannerisms were as energetic as his students performances.

Since taking up the highest office in the land and relocating to Government House it can be said that Governor General, Sir Elliott Belgrave, and his wife Lady Belgrave have become accustomed to the exuberant sounds of the children from surrounding schools.

This morning, however, the sounds filling the air were quite different from the usual. That was because students of the Springer Memorial School’s music programme, accompanied by tutors, journeyed to the Head of State’s official residence to entertain him, Lady Belgrave, MP Kenny Best and a few other specially invited guests, in a mini Christmas concert.

For one hour the girls delighted the intimate crowd. Sir Elliott looked especially pleased as he smiled constantly and applauded vigorously after each performance, often turning to his wife and commenting.

The school’s choir sang and their voices were outstanding, with most delightful harmonies. The orchestra, professional in its presentations, did not miss a beat even when a strong breeze blew across the lawns at Government House and swept away their music sheets.

The girls also showed their versatility as they infused some of the more traditional Christmas music with Caribbean spice on steel pan. (KC)†

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