Bermuda premier reveals promises

HAMILTON — Permitting the naming of sex offenders is part of the ruling Progressive Labour Party’s platform which was revealed yesterday at Alaska Hall.

Premier Paula Cox addressing the audience.

Other highlights include making Bermuda College an accredited four-year university and allow the mining of phosphates from the ocean which could potentially add “billions” of dollars to Bermuda’s revenue base.

Premier Paula Cox said: “Bermudians deserve to know what each party stands for, where they come from and what principles they stand on.”

The premier, Deputy Party Leader Derrick Burgess, Dame Jennifer Smith, Senator Jonathan Smith and Environment, Planning and Infrastructure Minister Marc Bean all spoke on party’s platform titled ‘Moving Forward Together’.

Cox said: “We will invest in infrastructure to promote business growth. We will provide carefully targeted job training to provide Bermudians the skills they need to get good paying jobs and support their families.”

The platform includes 142 pledges the PLP has made to complete in the next five-year term if they are elected the next government.

Smith said one of the initiatives would “amend the law for the naming of sex offenders under certain conditions where the victim waives their right”.

Bean said: “Going forward our attention is not going to be on cuts and spending which can marginalise (people) from our society. Our focus is on the revenue side. Increasing our economic productivity.”

He said that can be accomplished through offshore fisheries which could bring in $200 million in foreign exchange earnings and the development of seabed mining in black smokers.

“If, and when we do this, we can expect millions, if not billions of dollars to come into our coffers.”

Some of the highlights include:

* Introduce a modernised Sex-Offender Registration regime to protect the rights of the community;

* Amend the law to permit the naming of sex offenders;

* Review the law that civil debtors are not imprisoned;

* Prioritise capital projects that deliver social, economic and environmental benefits over the next five years;

* Attract cruise ships to Bermuda with a special emphasis on locating an appropriately-sized ship for St George’s;

* Embark on a plan to redevelop the airport;

* Expand local commuter ferry service with the acquisition of additional ferries;

* Implement job corps; Regulate debt collection practices;

* Introduce the mini bill on gaming so that the referendum can proceed;

* Facilitate the development of major hotel developments;

* Amend the criteria for housing to allow companies to hold real estate;

* Implement a new dog policy to establish guidelines for ownership, breeding, licensing and training;

* Introduce a National Recycling Programme including bottle deposit legislation;

* Facilitate the introduction of natural gas into Bermuda to reduce the cost of electricity;

* Develop a new National Crime Reduction Plan with input from a cross section of community clubs and agencies to reduce crime;

* Establish a Small Claims Court.

(Bermuda Sun)

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