Tech in class way to go

Teachers who utilise technology in the classroom when instructing students are making an “intelligent move”.

This was underscored last evening at the Savannah Hotel, as Parliamentary Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister, Senator Harry Husbands, addressed the opening of the 6th Annual Conference of the Barbados Association of Reading, on behalf of Education Minister, Ronald Jones.

Senator Harry Husbands

Pointing out that students were now more technologically savvy and capable of manipulating more devices than some teachers, Husbands said: “Such devices capture children’s interest, so learning takes place, as they become involved in the application of these tools. If the teachers want to have their students deeply involved in the subjects in the curriculum, then employing the use and applications of available technologies would be an intelligent move to make in this technologically aware climate.”

Teachers also heard that it was important to be ready “in order to fully prepare today’s youth to thrive in this digital world” and Husbands cautioned that failure to “get on board” would see them “left behind” with students being “the ones in charge of the educational process”. Conceding, however, that there was no evidence yet to indicate that this had happened, he said: “Our society has always believed in an orderly classroom devoted to learning and we are still promoting this idea.”

He noted that students should be taught the basics not only academically but morally, ethically and socially and added: “These can only come with wise, mature heads imparting these values.”

Teachers were urged to equip themselves with the requisite tools, knowledge and passion to embrace technology on their job.

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