Really special talent

The Greatest Gift of All was presented by Ann Hill students.

by Latoya Burnham

It was time for carols today at the River Road New Testament Church as the Special Education schools and units, presented A Christmas Gift.

The annual Christmas concert by special education students, filled the church this morning with some of the season’s favourites that earned the Ellerton Special Unit the first encore for the day.

Presenting the song Today A Child Is Born, the small choir left the audience screaming for more, even after they repeated the performance to perfection.

Similar cheers and screams followed the Challenor School skit titled Giving A Gift of Love and Understanding, where teachers and students acted out some of the challenges of dealing with children with disabilities.

Credit must go to those teachers, who brought the students on stage in their wheelchairs and proved to the audience that even though they had limited mobility, the children were still active learners. When one of the male students told a teacher actress in the play the chair she wanted to sit in was restricted, the audience erupted with applause because it came most unexpectedly, and from a child also with limited speech.

Pastor Wayne Bryan would remark over as over as he chaired the service that today the Lord was indeed revealing his blessings and speaking to the church in the performances of the children.

The Little Drummer Boy presentation by the Eagle Hall Special Unit was also another special item that got the crowd excited, by the vocals of the “drummer boy” himself, and the dramatisation of Mary, Joseph and the “Wise men”.

The service saw presentations from children with varying degrees of ability and in each case the carols presented, either in dance, song or sign.

Performances were made by Erdiston Special Unit, the John Payne School for Exceptional Children and the Sunshine Early Stimulation Centre, the Christian Learning Clinic, the Irving Wilson School, Ann Hill School, the A. C. Graham Workshop and Charles F. Broome, and All Saints Special Units.

Special presentations were also made to former Irving Wilson School teacher Samuel Sealy, former Erdiston Teacher Training College tutor, Yvonne Branch, and Corey Hunte, former pupil and now assistant at the Ann Hill School for their contribution to special education.

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