New party cries foul

Apostle Lynroy Scantlebury

The New Barbados Kingdom Alliance is going to be a force to reckoned with in the next general election.

Founder and President of the new political party Apostle Lynroy Scantlebury made this assertion today during an interview at Barbados TODAY’s Warrens, St. Michael offices.

He charged there has been some level of victimisation of their candidates who will be facing the electorate for the first time, and also potential supporters.

The situation was so bad, the leader added, that businessmen who were willing to meet with them were scheduling meetings at night after their secretaries had left for the day.

“This says that the democratic system is being eroded with this fear that is out there. One gentleman said to me that he gives a sum of money to a particular party but then he uses his wife to give to the other party. It’s hurtful to come into a situation like this as a new party, ” he added.

Despite all this, the leader stated they would not be backing down.

“We’re going to continue to fight. We’re not going to give up. We are here because we were sent to do this. I know for sure that this is what God wants me to do to turn this island around. So we are going to continue in our efforts to fight. We’re going to give this our best shot.

“We’re hoping that as we continue in this effort we will get more people coming out of mainstream Barbados who are unafraid of the current political paradigm that we have and who are willing to come to the forefront and do something.

“The NBKA is going to be here to stay. We are not going anywhere, we’re making sure that we do everything that lies within our power to be a formidable force in the upcoming general election,” Scantlebury stated.

They have set January as the date to launch the party and the candidates.

He reiterated his view that there should be a governing body to execute “state run, state funded” elections, to eliminate the “level of victimisation, on individuals who should be able to make a contribution to the development of Barbados without being victimised by either party or their peers”.

“I think it is important that we should have this body so elections would be fair…,” he added.

Scantlebury further noted they would not deviate from their mission.

“We’re working on getting individuals who understand that Barbados needs to change. We’re looking for individuals who will work for the good of the country rather than just voting for a party, or for a favourite or popular leader. These are things we have to find ourselves working through. It’s unfortunate that we have not come across a lot of lawyers, as a matter of fact, we have been meeting with prominent individuals here in Barbados, doctors, lawyers, or former politicians, businessmen who are very unhappy with the state of affairs.

“Many of them are stalwarts or staunch supporters of both parties that we’ve spoken to who are not happy with the performance; who are not interested in going back to Owen Arthur as the leader of Barbados, because of their affiliation they’re not coming out and saying these things,” Scantlebury said.

He added: “I was told recently that the reason our organisation is getting so much trouble is because both parties know we are a threat. I asked why [David] Comissiong didn’t get this kind of trouble overall and the individual said that he didn’t have the structure to really interfere, but [our] structure appears to be quite menacing to both parties. It’s bothering because of the level of fear that is out there in the corporate domain…,” he said. (DS)

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