Education for life

Wendy Wilson

Education prepares you for life, and students should be mindful of this, says Principal of the Erdiston Teachers Training College, Barbara Parris.

Delivering the feature address this afternoon at Princess Margaret Secondary School’s Speech Day and Prize Giving Ceremony, she told the youngsters she wanted them to focus on acquiring knowledge which they could pass on.

“Imparting and acquiring (knowledge) are closely linked. This implies that someone is giving and another is receiving. When you attend school, you do so primarily to gain knowledge and skills. You are therefore required to listen attentively, and participate actively. The latter includes asking questions and working harmoniously in group.

“Education serves to prepare you for living. There are basics which you will need in this regard,” she said.

Parris told them that good manners, as well as characteristics such as “tolerance, integrity, courage, a sense of humour, empathy, teamwork and common sense”.

Additionally, the educator said it was important to speak standard English, learn a foreign language and how “to compute simple arithmetical calculations”.

One of the things she drew to their attention was how important it was not to abuse the privilege of education, as some children in other countries were unable to attend school.

Another she made was how education “serves to transmit culture”.

“That does not relate to what you commonly refer to as ‘wukking up’ among other things; but there are other elements.

“The culture of a country includes its traditions, beliefs, art, music, food and games. Your education should prepare you to pass on this information…,” Parris noted.

She further urged them to “try hard” to focus on their education.

“I know there are many distractions. Surround yourselves with positive persons as your friends. When you find that they are negative, move on quietly without them. Set your goals and seek to achieve them. Success usually comes after the hard work…,” she said.

Wendy Wilson was the Most Outstanding Student. Among the awards she received was the Principal’s Award, as well as prizes for her outstanding work in Mathematics, Human and Social Biology and Information Technology. (DS)

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