Best results ever at St. Michael

The St. Michael School has recorded an all-time high pass rate of 91 per cent in the CXC examinations in 2012.

Shelton Perkins

Principal of the school, Shelton Perkins, made this disclosure earlier today while delivering his report at the Speech Day and Prize Giving Ceremony at the New Dimensions Ministries on Barbarees Hill, St. Michael. Perkins further stated that consistently high performances were maintained in almost all subjects, with 100 per cent passes in 12 out of 26 subjects offered.

He commended Lorin Warren, who obtained all nine subjects at grade 1 and Dorial Quintyne who passed all 8 subjects at grade 1. Other outstanding performances were by Toni-Q Harris and Zack Bagot (eight passes with seven at grade 1).

Perkins said the performance in English Language, taken by all students in fourth form, dropped slightly to 96 per cent.

He further stated that the English Department has indicated that a change in the weighting (with expression being weighted more heavily than before) was responsible for this slight decline.

He suggested that a look at profiles indicated that students almost always have a much lower rating in the “expression profile” than in the “understanding” profile and he said departmental efforts to address this would be redoubled.

Perkins further suggested that parents should provide good reading material for students and push them to expressing themselves beyond “yeah” and “right”, and a few expletives thrown in, as seems to the new Barbadian mode of communication.

He pointed out that of the 23 students involved in the accelerated fourth form mathematics group, 22 gained grade 1 passes.

Noting that 62 students were admitted to the school’s sixth form this year, Perkins said the overall pass rate for CAPE (Unit 1) was 79 per cent.

Perkins said although this performance was heartening for a first outing, there was some disappointment in History and Mathematics. He said the results reinforced the need for adherence to the stated criteria of CSEC grades 1 or 2 for CAPE studies.

Perkins pointed out that some students who were accepted with grade 3 in Mathematics and History performed poorly and additionally, several students took a long time to come to grips with the rigorous demands of advanced level study.

He however commended Ruth Ann Singh and Abiola Lowe for their commendable results. Perkins said the year under review had made the administration strongly aware of its opportunities as well as its challenges.

He said the presence of 18 year olds brought with it its own challenges as the administration tried to help young adults grapple with their own quest for self-identification. Perkins noted that the present sixth form students were housed in a hot pre-fabricated building and recalled that he had asked for a permanent structure for September 2012. (NC)

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