Gift of reading shared with St. Leonard’s

Hugh Foster addressing St. Leonard’s students.

Parliamentary Representative for St. Michael West Central, James Paul, recently presented a wide variety of books to the St. Leonard’s Boys’ Secondary School.

The books were a gift from the Foster sisters, Aileen and Wendy, long time residents of New York City. The Foster’s were originally from Tudor Bridge in St. Michael West Central. For them the reading material was a small token of giving back to their homeland.

Paul thanked the sisters who were represented by their brother, Hugh Foster, and handed over the books to a cross section of students gathered in the school’s assembly hall.

He said that the school produced excellent students in the past and continued to do so. The St. Michael West Central MP revealed he was a proud graduate of St. Leonard’s and follows the progress of his alma mater very closely.

“St. Leonard’s has one of the best debating societies in Barbados,” he said “St. Leonard’s does well in Spanish, in singing, football and cricket among other disciplines.”

The first time MP praised the teachers at the school who, according to him, were excellent. He told the boys “the teachers do their part [and] it’s up to pupils to strive to do their best”.

“The three R’s, Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, are the foundation of all education,” the CEO at the Barbados Agricultural Society emphasised.

It was for this reason he established a reading club in his constituency to help children with their literary skills.

Paul called on the St. Leonard’s students to uphold the school’s motto; “Fear God, Think Clean, Aim High”, and urged them to aim high in whatever they pursued.

Principal Joseph King, who witnessed the book presentation said: “St. Leonard’s is grateful for any opportunity to improve the reading skills of pupils and the presentation of the books by Mr. Paul adds texts to the school’s reading clubs and gives students with alternative interests options.”

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