Armed robber meets his end

NASSAU: A man who committed several armed robberies over the past few days was shot dead by a security guard after committing another felony yesterday, according to Superintendent Paul Rolle.

Authorities on the scene.

The unidentified man, who was in his early 20s, was killed after he robbed John Chea #8 Food Store on Carmichael Road around 1 p.m., said Rolle.

He robbed New Oriental Cleaners just down the street moments before he robbed the food store, Rolle said.

Rolle added that the suspect had previously robbed John Chea #8 on Saturday.

He said the suspect entered the crowded food store brandishing the shotgun as well as a handgun, robbed three cashiers, then fired a gunshot into the air.

Police said after leaving the store, the suspect and the security guard engaged in a brief shoot-out, which resulted in the robber being killed.

The incident has not been classified yet. Coroner Linda Virgill was also at the scene yesterday.

Police had to keep the store’s front door locked until they wrapped up the investigation, but after moving the body they let customers who had been waiting for over two hours to finally leave the store.

Many exited the store shouting, “Thank God.”

Vernita Polhemus, store manager at John Chea #8, said when she realised what was happening, she couldn’t believe the store was being robbed again.

“I was upstairs at the time,”‚she said.

“I heard screaming and when I heard the screaming I said ‘Jesus, not again’. After I heard the screaming I heard a gunshot and everyone just said ‘lock the doors’, and we locked the doors.

“Then I heard a couple more shots fired and we came downstairs and everybody was just in a panic, and I walked outside and saw the body was on the ground.” (Nassau Guardian)

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