11-plus by computer

The answer flowed swiftly to both the English and Maths question on the projected computer screen as Class Four students at the Good Shepherd Primary got their first glance at the Study Steps Common Entrance study guides.

The software, developed by Study Steps Inc, was presented to Principal Lorna Bynoe and the school’s IT Designate, Voghn Everett-Tatem this morning in the computer lap of the Fitts Village institution.

Managing Director of Study Steps Inc, Ramona Rollins-Elie, said as a teacher and a website developer, the software was born out of the idea to combine the two, which is what they did first for CXC students and now for Common Entrance students.

She said it was an all-Bajan product, designed and developed here by her team and in addition to making copies available for parents who might want to purchase at select locations and even on their website online, they had decided to present some schools with copies that teachers could use as guides.

“We see that the students are really interested in technology and they enjoy learning using the technology and it is also another way for them to approach learning and to practice because they learn at school, have text books and chalkboards, but there are many different learning styles. This is just another learning style,” she said.

She told the IT teacher that through the programme he could set up profile accesses for each student, which would allow them to log on and keep track of their progress, while it would also give teachers similar access to see how students were performing.

Bynoe said they were grateful for the assistance the programme would give to students who needed the extra aid, and also to those who might simply want additional practice.

She too acknowledged the students’ fondness for computers and using new technologies, adding that they would enjoy the opportunity to do so and study for their Common Entrance exams at the same time. (LB)

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  1. Ivan Forde January 15, 2013 at 9:47 pm

    Lorna Boyce is one of the best teachers on the island especially when it comes to 11+ preparation..


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