The final twelve

Aaron Kelly

In an effort to raise funds, the Harrison College Graduating Class of 2013 and the Debating Society collaborated to host the annual Kolij Runway model search to be held on Saturday, December 15, at St. Leonard’s Boys’ auditorium, starting at 7 p.m.

This year’s competition started with 20 contestants, ten males and ten females, and over the past weeks, they have been whittled away to a mere 12. Contestants were required to participate in photo shoots with themes ranging from Monochrome, Vintage, Jungle, Toga to Elements. Those photo shoots were open for public voting on the Facebook page Kolij Runway 2.0 and the votes counted for 20 per cent of each contestant’s overall score.

In addition, each week, the contestants competed in the Runway segment at school where they were challenged to depict divas/divos, personal style, colour-coded and street style. Professional judges were sourced for each week’s segment and the votes contributed to the remaining 80 per cent of the overall score.

With just over a week of preparation left, this year’s show promises to be extremely competitive as the contestants are in full gear. Winners will be rewarded with attractive prizes ranging from jewellery, clothing, dinners, staycations and the opportunity to create their own model portfolio and start their careers. (DS)

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