Spend wisely

I glanced at the calendar today and I am still shocked that in a couple of weeks it will be Christmas.

I can still remember what I did last year around this time. The saying time waits on no man is really true. As you pass through the streets of Bridgetown you can feel that Christmas is in the air. The department stores are busy with customers and the banks and lending institutions are full of people as well.

Still we can see no end in sight to this global recession.

I know many Barbadians anticipate this time of the year when most of us purchase new curtains, maybe new furniture and lots of food and drinks. We get to spend time with family, friends and love ones on this day. In saying this I implore all Barbadians to be wise in your spending this year. Do not overspend for just one day. Do not place yourself in unnecessary debt; only buy what you need and not what you want.

I am honestly not a Christmas person at heart so I will never understand why persons spend so much money for just one day. Christmas Day reminds me of a wedding or birthday or any special event you plan for. So much time and energy is spent on this one day and as quickly as the day comes it flies by.

Lending institutions along with department stores around this time of the year will have many special offers that will seem attractive, but please be very cautious in how you spend your money. Remember 2013 is almost upon us and you do not want to spend the next couple of months drowning in debt.

Some may argue that in order to keep the economy running we all must spend money. I do agree to a point with this statement, but we must still be wise in what we spend and how we spend.

We are so engulfed in the purchasing of items for Christmas Day that we forget what the season is truly about. Many may argue that Jesus Christ was not born on that day but it is the day slated on our calendar that on December 25 our Savior Jesus Christ was born and we should remember that.

Some do not celebrate this day because many believe that this season is for the department stores to make money — and in a way that is true. All through the year many found it hard to source or maintain jobs but for the Christmas Season many businesses will hire part time staff to help with the increase in traffic that will come to their businesses.

In just a matter of weeks Christmas will be upon us. Remember to keep your money safe while you do your shopping. Never walk with large sums of money on your person while you shop. Enjoy the days ahead because around this time of the year many of us encountered friends or even family members that we have not seen in years! Have a wonderful week ahead! bigbeautifultony@hotmail.com

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