Jazz journey from Bim

Previous jazz event at Naniki.

Barbados will be the launching pad for the inaugural Naniki Caribbean Jazz Safari, a unique jazz adventure that will sweep the Caribbean in 2013.

The Barbados event will take patrons on a thrilling musical ride from January 17 to 21 for shows at exotic locations around the island.

Managing Director of Damal Investments and well known promoter of jazz at the Naniki Restaurant, Tom Hinds, told the media at the local launch recently that the Barbados event would bring together some of the most exciting jazz musicians from the region and overseas at venues that will delight local music lovers as well as those from around the world.

Executive Vice-President of the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association, Sue Springer, while speaking at the launch, praised Hinds for bringing this new event to Barbados and the Caribbean, highlighting its environmental focus and capacity to enhance the attractiveness of the local tourism product.

Director of Human Resources of Naniki Caribbean Jazz Safari partner, the Caribbean Tourism Organisation, Bonita Morgan, also expressed her organisation’s commitment to the innovative event, which is already scheduled for Antigua, St. Vincent and Grenada after Barbados. She expressed the hope that other Caribbean countries would soon be vying to host a Naniki Caribbean Jazz Safari.

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