Jamaicans have ‘stink attitude’ towards girls

MOIRA MORGAN – Jamaicans must show more respect to young girls.

KINGSTON — There is a “real stink attitude” towards girls in Jamaica, an official of an international charity organisation that works with children and inner-city youth here has said.

Moira Morgan, director of the United Kingdom-based charity organisation, The Griffin Trust, wants Jamaicans to show more respect to young girls, a move which she said could redound to the benefit of the nation if certain procedures were to be implemented.

“When I go into the institutions, we have a real stink attitude in this country. From you see a little girl and she is 10 ‘a muss a man she a look, she a bad pickney, she a bruk way pickney’,” she lamented in her adopted Jamaican vernacular during this week’s Monday Exchange hosted by Jamaica Observer journalists at the newspaper’s Beechwood Avenue offices in Kingston.

“From the day a little girl can wiggle in her pampers, what is it she hears? ‘If you can’t wine you waist you no ketch no man’. Our little boys, from the day they have their first erection in their pampers, everybody tell them how they are stallions and how them are this and they are that, and masturbate them too, show them about them iron pipe. That’s what it is when you are playing with a child. It is abuse. We dress up little girls like they are big women. We are feeding the eyes of the paedophile and we are allowing him to groom her further,” Morgan said.

The UK citizen who lives in Jamaica said that such behaviour had become culturalised, although it is not the culture of Jamaica.

“I have gone into children’s homes and I have heard the gateman calling ‘Yow grandpa’. (I would respond) ‘Excuse me sir, did you call’? And he would say ‘you don’t see the size of her backside? These are the people we have employed to take care of and safeguard our children,” Morgan said. (Observer)

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