Warne to make return?

Shane Warne is willing to return for the Ashes if asked.

VICTORIA – Legendary leg-spinner Shane Warne has says he is ready to return to Test cricket for the Ashes series against England next year if asked

Warne, 43, said he had “absolutely no doubt” he could bowl successfully at Test level again. While he was “very happily” retired from international cricket, in light of Australia’s bowling battle in Perth this week, the Victorian said if the call came from his best mate and Aussie skipper Michael Clarke, he’d have to rethink.

“If your best friend says, ‘Mate, I want you to seriously consider making a commitment to Australian cricket and coming back out of retirement’ … that’s a different scenario.

“You asked me if I think I could still play international cricket if I wanted to just turn up, do my bowling and if the first Test match was in three weeks, do you think I could play, (then) I’d have no hesitation in saying yes – and I think I’d do pretty well.

“From a purely bowling perspective, I don’t think my form would be the concern, it’s just the time and actually making that commitment again.”

He added: “My kids are turning 16, 14 and 12 next year and we’re juggling two continents, (wife-to-be) Elizabeth’s (Hurley) work and my work commitments.

“There’s travel, sponsors, businesses, there are charities, so much stuff that I’d basically have to put it all on hold to make a commitment to international cricket.

“That’s the reason I haven’t for a while said I’m gonna make a comeback.

“For me it’s not a matter of whether I could do it or not – I have absolutely no doubt if I wanted to commit to try to make a comeback and go through grade cricket, first-class cricket and try to get selected … that I could do it.”

Warne, who has taken 195 Ashes wickets in 36 Tests at a staggering 23.25, said he felt the urge during the third Test against South Africa in Perth watching the Australian bowling attack hammered around the WACA Ground.

“I felt like I wanted to jump off the couch and grab the ball,” he said.

“I really felt for Michael Clarke from a captaincy point of view.

“When you’ve got international bowlers bowling one or two full-tosses an over and half-volleys, I felt for Pup, I really felt for him.”

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