New members get warm welcome


The Girl Guides Association’s 23rd Barbados Open Unit recently welcomed three new members during their Enrollment Ceremony on November 24. Khadijah Small, Renee Brathwaite and Chenai Thompson were presented for enrollment by Girl Guide Katrina Russell to officiating officer, Kurlyne Alleyne, the International Commissioner of the Girl Guides Association.

The afternoon ceremony was ably planned by the Girl Guides with Girl Guide Tonia Brathwaite taking on the duties of the Master of Ceremonies and Chairman of the coordinating team. The programme included presentations in song and spoken word from members of the Unit and Brownie Guides from the Christ Church Girls’ School who sang the popular action song I am Alive, Alert, Awake.

Enrollment is a special component of the Girl Guides Association. It is one of the three bonds that bind Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world. During an Enrollment Ceremony which can be coordinated in many different ways, the girls will take an oath, called a Promise, to become members of the organisation. The Promise carries the tenets by which Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world live. The words may vary slightly but the meaning is generally the same.

I Promise that I will do my best

To do my duty to God

To serve the Queen and my country

To help other people and to keep

the Guide law.

The Enrollment Ceremony was followed by a social activity where the girls served their family members and friends with finger foods that they had earlier prepared.

This was followed by a sleepover where the girls bonded, did badge preparation work, and worked on the Cooks badge before leaving for home in the late afternoon. Several activities are being planned including a Movie Evening on December 15, hikes and a camp.

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