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I want to start by wishing everyone a wonderful season ahead, and hope Independence was good for you too.

I went to the Yacht Club and took in a bit of Spice and Company and the conversation available from a few friends who were there. I left there on Independence morning and that was it for me. I did not leave home at all to even go participate in the St. Philip Carnival.

What I have noticed is that during the earlier part of the year a few other parishes had their carnival too. I never went to see any or sing on anyone’s truck but I saw the pictures. We have 11 parishes and there are 12 months in the year, which means every parish could have one each month besides in August which is about Crop-Over and Kadooment.

I would love to know what the rush is about as far as having a carnival in almost every parish. Can’t the organisers think any further than past the street party?

Over the past years I have noticed a dwindling in numbers following the St. Philip street carnival. I will even go as far as to say it has been a bit boring in some parts. Leading up to the big day there isn’t much happening or that is well publicised. I live in St. Philip and I don’t know what is going on. Up to Thursday I was speaking to a senior police officer who was not aware it was still going on for reasons I choose not to say. So if he is the head of authority and has no info on it, what am I to think?

From the inception I loved the idea of the St. Philip Carnival. I saw much more than just skimpy tops and shorts — I saw a parish doing what it bragged about as far as togetherness of the parish and coming out and celebrating on Independence Day are concerned.

We all know the reputation St. Philip has with RPB and calypso so to see the communities behind this carnival was no surprise. What is lacking is the lighting during the later hours in King George V Memorial Park and the entertainment that used to follow. I have not seen any to shout about lately. Just like Kadooment Day, there is the hustling of music trucks by the police along the route. I don’t know how people manage to dance and chip and party given the pace some trucks move at while being hustled along.

I am not going to say much about the way it goes with the other parish carnivals but if some competition is on as far as who has the best one, St. Philip needs to take stock quickly and get better organised. Money was always an issue over the years, but what is needed is someone who has the ability to pull in the sponsors and a committee that can organise in a way so as to satisfy sponsors that their money is going to good uses and they will get their worth.

That way you will attract numbers to the bands in the carnival, and who knows, maybe it can become another tourism product. Think long term people, and not just the few wuk-ups and jucks along the route. There is always another waistline to roll and another bam-bam to wuk-up on at some other place, some other day.

Do what is needed to progress because the moment word gets out that your product lacks in anyway whatsoever, you might as well pull the plug on it. People will start to stay away.

I will say I am not too much about little carnivals. I wish someone will look at doing a music festival of some sort like the now defunct St. Lawrence Music Festival and inject some life into the entertainment scene. I know we will see a big improvement in the dead night life in Barbados during that time and if marketed well in about five years we could see a major tourist product developed regionally and internationally.

We will start with our own and spread to the other islands and then to the major acts throughout the US and Europe. I am 100 per cent confident any show done that way over a few days will be well received and much better than a wuk-up street party that no one remembers after they get home.

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