Katt kicked out of Courtyard Marriott

Well, at least Katt Williams wasn’t arrested again.

But the comedian did confirm to that he was kicked out of the Courtyard Marriott near Lake Union yesterday evening, just hours after he was released from jail following his arrest last night for getting into a bar fight.

Katt Williams

Williams told the site that it was the fourth hotel he’s been kicked out of since arriving in town for a three-night engagement at the Paramount theatre. He reportedly had blood on his knuckles and said his knee was “busted up”

He did not provide an explanation, however, for why he was booted from the hotel, saying only that the rest of his tour is cancelled. Police were called to the scene but made no arrests.

Williams was busted — his second arrest in two weeks — last night after, according to police, he got into an argument with fellow patrons at World Sports Grille and ended up brandishing a pool cue and refusing to leave. He then allegedly flicked a cigarette into a family’s car window in the parking lot, hitting a woman in the eye, and threw a rock at the car as they drove away.

He was released from King County Jail this morning.

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