Imparting life skills

The proud transport operators after receiving their certificates.

BCC principal suggests life skills be made known through a specialised subject

Principal of the Barbados Community College, Gladstone Best, believes that all educational institutions have to make a conscious effort to ensure that life skills have to be imparted to their students through a specialised subject.

He made this observation on Sunday while addressing the Passenger Transport Service Operator Training Course at the Barbados Community College.

“By life skills I am referring to the set of human skills that are used to handle problems and questions commonly encountered in daily life. These include communication and interpersonal skills, decision-making and critical thinking and coping and self-management. If you examine the programme that you have just gone through you would recognise that the content was designed to incorporate these very essential skills,” the principal told the participants.

He suggested that they build on the foundation obtained at the College and constantly upgrade their content knowledge as well as their life skills.

Best said life skills refer to the skills usually associated with managing and living a better quality of life and stressed that the most important life skill was the ability to learn.

He said: “Learning how to learn enables us to acquire new skills and increase our understanding of the world around us.”

He noted that life skills were not always taught directly, but were often learned indirectly through experience and practice.

Best suggested that in a tourism and service oriented society like Barbados, Barbadians may need to learn a second language as a life skill. He argued that in a changing world, education must be about enriching life, rather than learning facts.††(NC)

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