Farrakhan’s wisdom

The Peoples Empowerment Party would like to publicly thank the Honourable Minister Louis Farrakhan for visiting Barbados and lending his international stature and enormous moral authority to the ongoing effort to motivate the people and governments of the Caribbean to come together in a powerful political and economic union that would be capable of delivering a future of genuine independence, sovereignty and self-sufficiency!

It cannot be without significance that Minister Farrakhan – in the midst of a hectic five-nation Caribbean tour – was prepared to devote a full week to his Barbados visit. Clearly, the Minister discerns that Barbados has an important leadership role to play in the quest for Caribbean unification. And of course, this manifested itself during the five public addresses and three live television and radio appearances that the Minister made in Barbados!

Over and over again Minister Farrakhan stressed that the old North American and European dominated structures that the Caribbean has attached its wagon to are in a process of terminal decline, and that all of the little island-nations of the Caribbean were in serious danger of marginalization and decay. And according to him, the only logical and sensible solution was a resolution to do for ourselves, underpinned by a process of political and economic unification.

The Minister also warned us that there are powerful Caucasian entities that have fixed their eyes on the Caribbean and have decided that they want this piece of “paradise” for themselves. And, in this context, he deprecated the fact that we have neglected our agricultural sector and have been content to permit Europe and North America to feed us.

A particularly chilling and disturbing portion of the Minister’s message was his warning that a calculated process of genocide is in train against the non-white peoples of the world. He reminded us that from as far back as the early 1970’s important US policy-makers such as Henry Kissinger had determined that one of the greatest threats to the national security of the USA was the existence of large Third World populations and their consumption of minerals and other natural resources that the US required for its industrial system.

Farrakhan pointed out that black populations all over the world are experiencing plummeting outcomes in key health indices, with Barbados’ record as a world leader in diabetes and limb amputations, and Black American’s unenviable record as the most unhealthy ethnic group in the entire US population being cases in point.

Truly, Minister Farrakhan’s visit constituted a timely wake-up call to our beloved nation! But if we are to garner the full effect of the week of enlightenment and inspiration that the Minister shared with us, we will have to keep the discussion going among ourselves and use the unity and clarity of vision that such discussion will generate to embark upon a collective action agenda.

Needless-to-say, the PEP is more than willing to play its part, and we look forward in the weeks and months ahead to continuing the process of discussion with the various groups that attended Minister Farrakhan’s lectures – the black businessmen and women, the progressive artistes, the Pan-Africanists, the students and other youth groupings, the Nation of Islam Study Group, the Rastafari community, the Spiritual Baptist, the trade unionists, and the list goes on.

As far as the PEP is concerned, we would like to discuss with our fellow Barbadians the following three priority topics:-

(1) The things we need to do to strengthen Barbados internally;

(2) The things we need to do to embark on a new agenda to construct a productive Caribbean economy based on regional industries and on a multi-territory political union of Caribbean states; and

(3) The things we need to do to reposition Barbados and the Caribbean in the world, and to develop a new relationship with such important regions as South America and Africa.

Come let us reason together!

David Comissiong is President of the Peoples Empowerment Party.

email: clementpaynechambers@gmail.com

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