Dr. Lambert gives back to Bim

From left: Pearson Lambert, Minister of Tourism, Richard Sealy, Administrative Officer at the O’Level Institute, Andre Roett, student Wayde Nicholas.

Dr. Kurt Lambert just has a very big heart, says Minister of Tourism, Richard Sealy.

He was speaking with Barbados TODAY this afternoon after the Farlom Health Clinic donated $5,000 to the Barbados O’Level Institute on his behalf. Currently residing in the United Kingdom, Lambert has made giving back to his community, and Sealy, who is also MP for St. Michael South Central, described Lambert’s contribution as “fantastic” and encouraged other business people to follow suit.

“I made that clear at the opening of this clinic. I said ‘I hope that Dr. Lambert can be a beacon for other Barbadian interests and other people like him in the Diaspora, persons with Barbadian assets who have gone on and done extremely well’. You can give back and you can do it in a very quiet dignified way. He does not like attention but he is doing what he wants to do, assisting other people.

“Dr. Lambert was basically born on this spot and he has blazed a tremendous trail in the world of business. As a matter of fact, he and I were in the same class at Harrison College. His contributions are a sense of commitment and understanding of where you come form and a dedication to assist those from [whence you originally came]. He (pointing to the clinic) built this from his own pocket… He wasn’t satisfied with this and he took over Island Dialysis, moved it from Bay Street — it is in Belleville — and he is providing subsidised dialysis care, which is a fairly expensive medical procedure. He is providing that to people here in Barbados and on top of that he turns around and help students at the Barbados O’Level Institute, so this is remarkable philanthropy and it couldn’t possibly be taking place in my constituency and I wouldn’t want to associate and encourage it. The community is benefiting, Barbados is benefitting and I salute that kind of public spiritedness,” he said.

Director of the Chadderton Road, Carrington’s Village, St. Michael clinic, Courtland Nurse, who is also Dr. Lambert’s uncle, said he believed Lambert’s spirit of giving came from his mother who was always willing to give whatever she had to those in need.

The clinic has been opened for 18 months and this was the second donation to the O’Level Institute, but he noted they had given scholarships to several people previously.

He said that while they would like to give more to the surrounding communities they found it quite challenging because some people were too proud and did not want anyone to know about their situations. Nevertheless, because of the desire to give back, one of his brothers, who lives in England, recommended that because the O’Level Institute was going through some trying times and because of the work which they do with young people they were deserving of the help.

Principal of the Institute, Ishmael Roett, said he was very happy for the donation.

He said every year the school awards more than 100 scholarships to students. These scholarships cover the tuition fees but do not cover the examinations†fees and as a result, many of the scholarship winners who could not afford to pay for the examinations could not take them after working so hard.

Roett said the $5,000 received today would therefore go towards the exam fees of some students and also more scholarships.

“It’s a pity that money is still the main determiner in a person’s education. It shouldn’t be like that in 2012,” he added. (KC)

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