DLP’s plans a last-minute thing, says Clarke

Government has come “hot and sweaty” at the last-minute to convince Barbadians it is looking after their housing needs.

Opposition MP Gline Clarke also complained today that not “one red cent” of the $72 million borrowed from the Caribbean Development Bank for low income housing had been earmarked for constituencies represented by the nine Opposition members in Parliament.

He was speaking in the House of Assembly this morning during debate on a $41.7 million supplementary resolution for the Ministry of Housing and Lands.

“The Democratic Labour Party must not believe that people are stupid. They must not believe that we were educated and [come] at the last minute telling us ‘Oh you must forgive us, we now have a housing programme in place, we now have a low income housing programme in place for the majority of Barbadians’. Is not worth its salt,” Clarke said.

“I am saying US $36 million CDB programme is a rushed programme, not properly thought out, ill-conceived and … I am saying that even though we support the move by the CDB to provide funds for this programme. I am saying that not a single cent has been put in the General Workers Loan Fund to provide funds for the majority of Barbadians who are in the lower end, who rely on income, who rely on loans to help their homes.

“The majority of persons who go to the General Workers Loan Fund are from the lowest end, they rely on money to patch a roof, to put on a roof, a floor, a window, to generally upgrade their house,” he added.

Instead of taking care of such matters, Clarke added, the current administration was now “coming at the last minute, hot and sweaty trying to woo the Barbadian public”. (SC)

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