Awareness drive well supported

Walking against HIV/AIDS.

On Saturday, World AIDS Day, staff at the National HIV/AIDS Commission and five ministries were on an awareness drive.

Held in conjunction with the Ministries of Labour, Education, Social Care, Housing and Tourism, HIV volunteers walked from four destinations, the Barbados Museum, the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, Kensington Oval and the Ministry of Housing, collecting non-perishable food items, toiletries and monetary donations for the HIV Food Bank and later met in Independence Square, the City where the drive continued.

A concert, featuring Toni Norville, Malissa Alanna, Ronnie Morris, Stephanie Chase, Ayanna John, Most Wanted, Polydan , GMC, Double Laff’ Theatre and Troy Arthur, was held later that evening.

Manager of the HIV Food Bank Stacia Whittaker told Barbados TODAY that more money was collected than food this time around.

“I think it was successful. If we compare to last year, we had a greater response last year [but] we still had a great response nonetheless We collected more in funds than in food items. The Ministries really came out and supported the Food Drive good.

“The walk brought in food items too but mainly money,” Whittaker said. (DS)

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