Importance of Independence

Veteran trade unionist, Senator Sir Roy Trotman, is concerned that an increasingly large number of Barbadians don’t appreciate the significance of Independence Day — or Independence.

In a statement to mark the island’s 46 anniversary of Independence, the General Secretary of the Barbados Workers Union cautioned Barbadians that they would have a hard time determining their future if they did not appreciate their past.

“This is a season when we should all be very reflective of exactly where we are and why we are where we are. Not all of us are born Barbadians — some of us have adopted this country or have been adopted by the country. But whether we are of one kind or the other … I believe that we are all proud of this nation.

“And so we should be concerned about what the country is, and reflect on what it was some 46 years ago, and where, in our view, it is likely to be going,” Sir Roy said.

“Regrettably, there are some people, an increasingly large number of people, I have to say, who may not fully want to understand or appreciate the meaning of Independence. For some of them it is just another day to spend at the beach… to have conkies… just to relax and forget everyone and everything else, in much the same way that many of us now look at other holidays.

“But I venture to say that outside of the feast days, the religious days, days like Independence and May Day are days which should be very, very critical to the thinking and understanding of our people.

“To know where we need to go tomorrow, we have to be able to understand where we are today, and we have to be able to appreciate where we came from yesterday…,” Sir Roy said. (RRM)

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