Busy time for Gilwell

The Gilwell Reunion Church Service

The Wood Badge is the pinnacle achievement for any Scout Leader and on December 2, 2012 approximately 80 members of Troop 1 of Gilwell Park joined for a service of thanksgiving at the Christ Church Parish Church as part of their annual Gilwell Reunion.

At this service the Officiating Minister, Canon Austin Carrington thanked those Gilwell Leaders for their work with the boys. He also encouraged them to keep up this good work especially as he has noticed that voluntarism is dying in Barbados.

Present at this service with the over 80 Gilwellians was the current Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, Ronald Jones, himself a member of the Gilwell troop. Minister Jones would have been an active Scout in the days when the competition was not as stiff as in these days. He worked for his Gilwell accreditation with the other Leaders while at Hazelwood and it is reported that he enjoyed every minute of it.

The Gilwell Centennial Luncheon

The service was followed by a luncheon at Accra Beach Hotel and Spa. It was a pleasing sight to see so many of the former active Gilwellians present to share in the afternoon’s activity.

The programme for the Gilwell Reunion was prepared under the supervision of the National Training Commissioner, Tony Archer, where a number of toasts were offered to Her Majesty the Queen, the World Brotherhood of Scouting, the Barbados Boy Scout Association and the First Gilwell Park Group.

In true Scouting spirit these Leaders sang and fellowshipped with one another even spending some time to remember those Gilwellians who had gone on to their eternal rest.

Surprises at the Gilwell Reunion

The afternoon held many surprises for those present. The National Trainer presented the Chief Commissioner of the Barbados Boy Scouts Association, Dr. Nigel Taylor, with some “gifts” on the half of the Gilwell Group which was present.

The gifts comprised the presentation of a cake that commemorated the Centenary of the National Scout Association, a plaque in recognition of its 100th anniversary and finally an embroidered piece which was presented from the representatives of three Cub Packs to the Association.

New inductees into the Gilwell Troop

The Gilwell Reunion also witnessed the induction of two new members into the Gilwell Troop. Heather Springer and Anderson Miller, two Scout Leaders of the past had successfully completed their wood badge assignments but for whatever reasons were unable to be invested into the Gilwell Troop on that occasion many years ago. On this happy occasion they were able to receive their Gilwell Scarf, beads and woggle. Congratulations!

Finally the occasion witnessed the drummers who are Scouts and members of the Cultural Arts Programme of the St. Lawrence Primary School performing for the gathering. Accompanying this was an excellent monologue from a speech shared by Nelson Mandela. It was a fantastic day for the national Scout Association where in concluding the time of laughter and gaiety, the Chief Commissioner said a special prayer for those members of the Association who were ill or bereaved.

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