$41 million for housing

Government is about to pump more than $41 million into the Ministry of Housing and Lands.

The large sum, for which the Freundel Stuart Administration is expected to seek Parliamentary approval tomorrow, includes $26.7 million to pay private sector landlords whose properties accommodate state workers.

Additionally, the ministry owes the National Insurance Scheme nearly $11 million, and the supplementary resolution in the name of Minister of Housing and Lands Michael Lashley requires $10.7 million from the Consolidate Fund for that purpose.

Indications also were that a part of the funds related to the creation of an unstated number of jobs.

In the parliamentary resolution, notice of which was given today, Lashley will lead off debate on the request for the substantial amount of funds outside’s of the ministry’s vote in the 2012/2013 Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure.

A break down of how the money will be spent outlined: * $26.7 million “required to cover the shortfall under the rental of property vote and to provide for the new and increased rental payments”. * $10.7 million “required to clear the outstanding NIS contributions”. * $2 million “to cover the cost of road works under the Housing and Neighbourhood Upgrading Project”. * $1.5 million “to provide a grant to cover the capital cost of the Low Income Housing Project”. * $500,000 “to provide for the payment of salaries, wages and other operating expenses of the Low Income Housing Project”. * $200,000 “to cover the cost of salaries of new staff under the Housing and Neighbourhood Upgrading Project”. Lashley is expected to give an update on Government’s various housing projects as the administration seeks the Lower House’s approval for the $41.7 million in supplementary funding. (SC)

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