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Barbados Independence Day message from Cherisse Francis, Female Ambassador, BYDC

All proud Barbadians stand now saluting our nation state as it celebrates its 46th year of Independence. On this joyous occasion, this Barbados Youth Development Council would like to also join in offering celebratory greetings.

It would be remiss of us however, if we did not take this opportunity to implore youth to continue carrying the mantle of Independence that was gained through the countless sacrifices made by of our fore-parents.

A quote by Emma Goldman says: “People have only as much liberty as they have the intelligence to want and the courage to take.”†These few small words fully encapsulate and embrace the body of what it means to be truly independent.

Young people the opportunity is ours. Almost half a century ago several brave and courageous visionaries saw it necessary for their nation home to be accountable for itself. The journey for them was not easy, nor did they have a functional Caribbean example of how to make this change.

Against all odds they steadfastly pressed forward and the result was greater than the struggle. This can be the same for you but you must first be willing to think outside of the box and chase your dreams without fear of failing.

Economic crisis

One of the most pressing issues facing us as young people in this ongoing economic crisis is the lack of employment. The BYDC is mindful that without decent employment our youth may find it difficult to share in this concept of Independence, especially on the personal level. While this is understandable we must draw great inspiration from those who have been pioneers and innovators before us.

We must not be afraid to try something different as we weather this economic storm. No longer are our options constrained to the traditional professions, but there are indeed new and exciting fields from which we can launch new careers.

We must hold fast to our Barbadian identity and both collectively and individually determine our purpose. Understanding our purpose is vitally important to our success and to the success of our country. Conforming to the preset mould will not spur our development; we must know what ignites our fire, and oftentimes this is the key to unlocking our full potential. Be creative and explore new horizons.

We must never be afraid to try new things or to fall once in a while. When we do fall we must learn from these experiences. All the power that we need to become a changing force is already within us. Barbados was not build in one day and neither will we fulfil our true potential in one day, but we control our journey.

God bless this fair land as we celebrate the break with our colonial ties and God Bless our Future.


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