Sir Marston and Sir Frank

Chief Justice Marston Gibson and noted economist Dr. Frank Alleyne have been knighted in this year’s National Independence Day Honours.

The Chief Justice, who will now be known as Sir Marston, was given the island’s highest national award for his outstanding contribution to the legal profession in Barbados and at the international level, while Dr. Frank, now Sir Frank, has been recognised for his outstanding contribution to education, especially at the tertiary level and for his public service to the people of Barbados.

The Knight of St. Andrew is given to persons for extraordinary and outstanding achievement and merit in service to Barbados or to humanity at large.

One of the honours on this year’s list which may elicit emotional feelings among Barbadians, was the recipient of the Barbados Bravery Medal. That went, postumously, to Lynette Anita Stoute for the courage and selfless love displayed in attempting to rescue her three children whom she thought were trapped in their burning home at Diamond Valley, St. Philip on August 10, 2012.

Stoute died later from severe burns.

The second highest national honour, the Gold Crown of Merit, has been conferred on four people for highly meritorious service or achievement in science, the arts, literature, sports, civic duties or any other endeavour worthy of national recognition.

They are Lionel Oliver Weekes in recognition of his 24 years’ service in the Barbados Public Service in a senior position and for his invaluable contribution to scouting; Patterson Keith Herman Cheltenham, Q.C, for his contribution to the legal profession and public service; Professor Timothy Roach, for his contribution to medicine and particularly HIV/AIDS; and Ian DeVere Archer, for his outstanding and distinguished Civil Service career, particularly in the area of local and regional civil aviation, the Grantley Adams International Airport Development and to the Barbados Association of Retired Persons.

The Silver Crown of Merit has gone to Bernell “Ben” Llewellyn Arrindell in recognition of his highly meritorious service and contribution to the development of Barbados’ financial services sector, Janice Anita Brathwaite-Thompson, or her highly meritorious contribution to education and the performing arts, Dr. Victor Edsel Gooding, for his contribution to research in the area of data transmission via satellite and¬ William Edgar Muhammad Nassar for his contribution to business and community service.

Ten other awardees were named in various disciplines.

Additionally more than 200 members of the Royal Barbados Police Force, Prison Service, Barbados Fire Service and Barbados Defence Force were awarded service medals. (EJ)

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  2. Patrick Blackman December 6, 2012 at 9:28 pm

    “Sir” “Sir”, what has this go to do with Barbados, relics of colonialism….again and again.


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