Saluting our characters

God Bless Bim was a favourite and they sang it lustily.

Errol Barrow, King Dyal, King Ja Ja and Becka and Rihanna were all at St. Boniface Nursery this morning.

As part of the school’s celebration of Independence, teachers and students mounted a production today that involved the parade of costumes along with songs and skits under the theme I Am A Proud Barbadian.

Students from the Ocean Explorers class, the last group on display, paid tribute to “our loyal sons and daughters” in their presentations that included a few well-known characters.

Errol Barrow, played by Damont? Haynes, mounted the stage in white gloves, a golden jacket with coat tails and paraded across the stage, shortly before excited cane cutters Tyler Burnett and Tayeir Mayers rushed on and proceeded to plant and then reap their harvest.

Mauby woman Imani Carrington not only carried a basket of cups, but a jug of mauby proudly declaring that her brew was authentic and made from the bark; even as nutseller Azaria Cox shouted that she had comforts, toffees and packets of nuts for sale.

Fish was the delicacy of the day and fisherman and fish vendor Javed Worrell and Rayne Quintyne-Haynes respectively showed why flying fish, and according to the fisherman, red snapper are now favourites.

It was quite a treat when King Ja Ja, Isaiah Marshall, from the noted local tune, King Ja Ja wun lef Becka lone, brought the young gal herself on stage in the form of Azarya Webster and the two proceeded to act out the song, much to the delight of parents.

Sir Garfield Sobers, young Keshaun Jordan, came ready to play cricket, and King Dyal, Zahir Smith, dressed in a stately black and white suit, brought his “famous” bicycle on stage to complete the image.

Darren Barrow and Abigail Scantlebury showed off their national dress, while Zacodia Small, full of attitude and complete with long red hair, projected local superstar Rihanna.

Other classes showed off local things like the black belly sheep and the green monkey, Landship and tuk band, to name a few. (LB)

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