Educated and entertained

End of the concert; students singing “If your proud to be a Bajan” by Natalie Burke led Kashara Thornhill (middle in the yellow)

Students from the Grantley Adams Memorial Secondary School enjoyed themselves to the fullest yesterday, when the school held its annual Independence Concert and Cultural Exhibition.

The students, decked out in their blue, yellow and black arrived on the compound early to take in the sights of the presentations done by the various year groups at the school, and also the concert, which was held in the school’s car park.

The concert, which featured performances by students and staff of the school, was well received. Specially invited guest, Shut Down Committee, keep the children well entertained. The organiser of the event, teacher Karen Elliot, said she was very pleased with the turn out and the talent which was showcased by the students.

Local delicacies such as conkies, sugar cakes, fish cakes and bakes were sold by members of the 4H Club and other organisations within the school.

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  1. kashera spooner thornhill December 2, 2012 at 8:43 pm

    i really enjoyed my dress day and as lead singer havin my school mates and teachers to back me up was fantastic


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