Dedicated educator

Dr. Sir Frank Walton Alleyne, K.A., was born to Beresford and Eulalie Alleyne on October 20, 1938. He received his primary education at the Christ Church Boys’ School and his secondary schooling at the Boys’ Foundation.

Dr. Sir Frank Walton Alleyne, K.A.

On graduation from secondary school in 1958, he worked with Richard Costain Associates, a construction and engineering firm that was contracted to build Barbados’ Deep Water Harbour. This lasted one day. Notwithstanding that the wage rates, conditions of employment, and opportunities for advancement in the employ of Richard Costain Associates were superior to those offered by the Government of Barbados’ teaching service in the primary school system, he left the firm to take up a position as a relief teacher. Two years later he was appointed an Assistant Teacher.

His thinking concerning the path that he wished to pursue in life crystallized in his late teen years. He decided then that a stable family was his number one priority in life. In order to attain his goal he chose to commit to programmes in higher education and training as the most effective available strategy.

The year 1962 marked a significant watershed with respect to the implementation of his plan. In that year he was admitted to the Erdiston Teachers’ Training College as a resident student. College life afforded him the opportunity to socialise with colleagues of different cultures. Residential life in the Erdiston Teachers’ College provided him with ample opportunities to engage in robust debate that continued into the early morning hours, covering a wide range of issues.

At this time, the Government of Barbados commenced the implementation of social and economic policies that would transform the country into a land of opportunity. This period was truly exciting for young Frank, who was seeking an avenue for his economic and social advancement. In 1964 he was admitted to the University of the West Indies (Barbados Campus) to pursue studies leading to the award of the Bachelor’s Degree, graduating in 1967 at the top of his class.

The award of post-graduate scholarships by the University of the West Indies, University of Miami, Coral Gables, American Foundation Fellowship, and Ford Foundation facilitated his studies at the postgraduate level. He was invited by Alister McIntyre (now Sir Alister), Director of the Institute of Social and Economic Research of the University of the West Indies, to join the research staff of the Institute in 1968, at the level of Research Assistant in the Monetary Studies Programme.

In a career spanning 36 years working in the University of the West Indies, he retired in 2004 having attained the rank of a fully tenured Professor of Development Economics. In addition to his research and teaching duties, he provided leadership to his department, and the Social Sciences Faculty at the Campus and university level. He also served on the boards of several local statutory corporations and non-governmental organisations.

In 1962 he met a young lady, Elvira Durant who eventually became his wife. The union produced four daughters, Dawn, Franka, Shirley, and Nicole.

The Accolade of Knight of St. Andrew is being conferred in recognition of his outstanding contribution to education especially at the tertiary level and for his public service to the people of Barbados.

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  1. Doreen Clarke December 4, 2012 at 10:30 am

    Congrats to Sir Frank Alleyne, he is deserving of all that has been bestowed on him, he is a personal friend of mine. Congrats once again.


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