Thanks and praise

This week I would like to give thanks and praise for 46 years of Independence and peaceful governance.

Often we believe that being independent means not depending on anyone and going it alone. On the contrary, independence, true independence, is actually about realising that we are dependent on others and indeed that no man is an island or stands alone.

As a Christian society, the second verse of our National Anthem should continually resonate in our minds – The Lord has been the people’s guide for past three hundred years. With Him still on the people’s side we have no doubts or fears…

Let us pray: for our Governor General Sir Elliot Belgrave, Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, Opposition Leader Owen Arthur and all members of Parliament.

For all other leaders of our country, and all who make decisions on our behalf, that they may be guided by the Spirit, to direct our affairs in righteousness and peace.

For our judges, magistrates, lawyers, police and all who administer justice, that in all things they may seek to do your will, and to protect the rights and freedom of your people.

For our doctors, nurses, paramedics, fire officers.

In our schools, and in all other places of learning, may true knowledge, sound wisdom, and godly discipline ever be found.

For the poor, the hungry, the unemployed, and all victims of persecution and discrimination of any kind, may God in Christ help us all to bring relief, justice and protection.

To all who suffer now from pain and disease, discomfort or misery, may God in Christ bring healing and joy, for the renewal of their faith.

That we may use aright the fullness of the Earth, that our pursuits in science, and the advancement of our skills, may ever be in service of that true humanity, which is created in the image of God.

That we may never become slaves of money, or of the lust for power, but may rather strive for victory through the power of love.

We pray for the unfailing guidance of the Holy Spirit on those who are called to interpret and expound the will of the Lord to others

That with all who belong to the communion of saints, both living and departed, we may ever rejoice in the blessed assurance of that hope, which has been won for us in Christ. Let us remember with special intention Errol Walton Barrow who led us into Independence and all other sons of our soil who have contributed to the progression of Barbados.

Happy Independence and may God continue to bless us.

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