Preparing for the season

It seems as though everyone is gearing up for the start of the tourism season. It is a good thing that there is so much anticipation as to what tourism will bring to the livelihood of the people here in Barbados. In a statement a few weeks ago, I seem to recall the Governor of the Central Bank suggesting that any growth in our economy this year would be dependant on what type of tourism performance we have during this winter.

I recently heard the president of the BHTA indicating that the prospects for the winter season were looking up and every effort to sustain this enthusiasm was being taken through the collaborative efforts of the BHTA and the BTA.

During the next two weeks, the Ministry of Tourism will officially launch tourism week to signal the start the winter tourism season. In addition to the expected church service, my understanding is that this year there is going to be an additional event, which will take the form of a street parade, starting at the office of the BTA on the Harbour Road and ending at Independence Square.

Here at Divi Southwinds & Heritage Resorts, our preparation for the start of the winter season is no less enthusiastic than other businesses on the island. However, we do things a little differently. The last week of November is traditionally recognised here at Divi to celebrate staff appreciation week and, a series of activities are planned to get things going.

This year we welcomed a presentation from Knights Advantage Club to speak with our staff about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and SBI Distributor with skin analyzer.

I was extremely pleased at the interest paid by team members to the presentations made on Tuesday during the healthy lifestyle presentation. Several team members also took the opportunity to join the Knights Advantage Club. For them, this means that over the course of the next year if these team members maintain their enthusiasm and membership, they will pay more attention to their blood glucose level, blood pressure, body mass index, total cholesterol, fractional cholesterol and their Hemoglobin diabetes test.

There are times when tourism can be stressful and paying attention to one’s health can lead to being a more productive team member.

The photo at left shows Walter Alleyne, a team member of the maintenance department having his pressure tested, while other team members interacted with the staff of Knights during the session.

* Tourism is our business, let’s play our part.

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