Change is inevitable

Happy Birthday, Barbados! This is our 46th year of Independence and I take this opportunity to be presumptuous and congratulate this beautiful country on that achievement on the behalf of all pharmacists in Barbados.

In that 46 years the Barbados Government, through its Ministry of Health, has always placed the health of its people at the forefront and have placed great emphasis on the quality of medicines made available. This policy has culminated in the provision of a Drug Service and subsequently a National Benefit Service, which allows specific beneficiaries affordable access to quality medicines.

It is inevitable that any such service will undergo changes and evolve to suit prevailing conditions. To expect otherwise is to deny reality and although the recent changes have created hardships for private pharmacies, it was inevitable.

Regrettably any changes made throughout the history of the Drug Service have benefitted obviously the patient, sometimes the doctors, but never the stakeholder who bears the brunt of providing the service and making it function as seamlessly as it appears to the beneficiaries; the private pharmacist.

As is known, change is inevitable, so hopefully any other changes will benefit that beleaguered subset of the health team.

Recently, I was asked a question by one of my patients regarding her Atorvastatin — no editor that is not the name of her grandson, but rather her cholesterol medicine.

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